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Set a clear course to accomplish your objectives and ultimately develop the success of your law practice.

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Why Work With Amicus Legal Accounting?

We understand how valuable your time is. We also understand that keeping the books takes an emormus amount of time and effort. Let us get some of that time back for you. 

Our years of tax expertise can provide you with a path to your financial goals. When is the last time you had the time and ability to look at your firm from a tactical perspective? 

Service Level 1

$1000/mo and up

(~$400k gross revenue) 

  • Do books 
  • Tax return 
  • Payroll support 
  • Annual meeting 
  • Email support 
  • Monthly Financials 
  • Free transition to QBO 
  • Tax plan and tax plan review for one owner

Service Level #2

$2500/mo and up
(~$1MM gross revenue)

  • Same as Service Level 1 plus
  • Virtual CFO advisory 
  • Tax plan and quarterlies for managing owner
  • Biannual meetings 
  • Unlimited email questions 
  • Monthly financials with Review via Loom and Quarterly financial analysis via Loom
*Please note these services at any level do not include cleanup and fixing of accounting records, which we must have (if needed) in order to provide advisory services.

Service Level #3

$5000/mo and up
(~$2MM gross revenue)

  • Same as Service Level 1 & 2 Plus
  • Financial analysis via Loom 
  • Personal access to Keith 
  • Regular advisory meetings monthly or as needed

Real Solutions 

When it comes to your law firm accounting things tend to get very complicated very quickly. 

We've grown our business by providing our clients with the best tax service possible. We have reviewed the tax, and financial management concerns of law firms and offer a full range of tax services.  We fully understand the difficulties of running a successful law practice. We want to help you keep your financial house in order, save money, avoid mistakes, and free up more time to live life and spend with your family. 

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Our Partners And Affiliates
We have some of the most amazing partners that work to make sure you and your practice are providing the best tax service possible.  

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